About This Blog


“Hello Friend!”

I’m putting the fine print at the top! Please understand that I am sharing my thoughts and ideas, as one friend to another. Nothing here is “official”. Although my goal is to inspire you to live your life well, I can not be responsible for the specificity of an idea or your resulting actions. Regarding all things flight; it is your responsibility to seek out appropriate and qualified flight instruction. Likewise, regarding health and fitness, I have no medical training, nor do I have any coaching credentials. You get the idea. Use your own common sense, and sift the good ideas from the bad.

Enough Said!

I’m sharing my journey, with the hope that I might be of help to you on your journey. Through this blog, I would like to mentor life skills, with a predominant aviation theme. What has worked for me, what hasn’t worked so well. As a journeyman aviator, I have experience I’d like to share. Lessons learned. I have a passion for the air!

Choices & Life Balance. How we can make time. How we invest our time. How we spend our time. Everyday when we get up we are faced with choices.

As we journey through this life, how should we live it? There might even be some philosophy along the way.

Lastly; I know that I am blessed, and I am grateful. We’ll leave it at that for now.

Dream Big and Enjoy your journey!