Aloft in a Balloon

“Hello Friend!”

I love aviation! All types of aviation. It is here that I’ll share some of my flying adventures. There might even be some insights that will help you be a better aviator.

Again, I need to remind you… thoughts and ideas expressed by me are to be taken as one friend to another. If you take to the air as a pilot, it is your responsibility to receive proper / appropriate flight instruction from a qualified individual.

I list here my FAA Licenses, Ratings, and other qualifications so you might be able to better understand my frame of reference.

Airline Transport Pilot: Airplane Multiengine Land, CL-600, G-1159, G-IV, G-V (type ratings in Challenger, Gulfstream II & III, Gulfstream IV, Gulfstream V & 550)

Commercial Privileges: Airplane Single-Engine Land & Sea, Airplane Multiengine Sea, Glider, Lighter-Than-Air Free Balloon (limited to Hot Air Balloons – not Gas Balloons)

Sport Endorsement: Weight-Shift-Control Land (Trikes!)

Flight Instructor: Airplane Single and Multiengine, Instrument Airplane, Glider (There is not a balloon instructor rating, but as a commercial pilot… I instruct in balloons))

Ground Instructor: Advanced, Instrument

Non FAA Certifications are: Rotax 912/914 Maintenance, USHPA H2 & P2 (hang gliders & paragliders)

14,000 hours (plus) Total Time in all aircraft.

Ratings on my bucket list: Helicopter, Gyroplane, Weight-Shift-Control Sea, Powered Parachute?