Health / Fitness

“Hello Friend!”

Health & Fitness is an investment in yourself. I believe the journey of fitness is important and worthwhile. As we take care of ourselves, of our bodies, we build a foundation from which we can live a full life. If we think in terms of “Return On Investment”; Money is nice, but health is better.

This is where we’ll talk about lifestyle. What we eat, and what we do. Simply put, calories in versus calories out. As athletes we can think of food as fuel. How much (quantity), and what (quality), do we need to help our bodies be strong and efficient? Then, with the proper fuel, how are we going to burn it? What adventure is out there?

We can be old tired vehicles with dirty air filters, clogged fuel lines, carburetors that barely function, engines that are on the verge of blowing a gasket, and too much luggage in the trunk… or we can be efficient powerful machines fresh out of the shop, ready for the journey ahead. We have choices.