“Hello Friend!”

I ran my first race in 2000 at the age of 45. I guess entering the race was one of the manifestations of a mid-life crisis. It was a local 5K. I knew nothing about pacing. It was a RACE! So, in my mind, I was supposed to run fast. When I finished the race (27:54, 9:00 minute per mile pace, or not particularly very fast for a 3.1 mile race) I had exceeded my limits, and my body’s “engine gauge” was well above its red line. Yet with my high heart rate, which didn’t seem to want to come down, I felt good and had a big smile on my face. Endorphins!

Since that time I have slowly metamorphosed into a runner. Season after season, my body has gotten stronger.  I haven’t had a running injury in a long time. I think this is due to the bones and connective tissue having developed a base level of fitness from which I can draw. I have read a lot of books and magazine articles, and have gained a base of knowledge which allows me to run more efficiently and smarter… as opposed to just running harder.

I am a disciple of Jeff Galloway. Jeff has written numerous books, and developed the The Galloway, “Run, Walk, Run” method of running. “Run, Walk, Run” makes running accessible to all levels of ability. We have a local Galloway Group in Cincinnati, and count each other as good friends. There is tremendous power in a group setting to help each other achieve goals.

Our Galloway group is an interesting bunch of individuals. Each one of us runs for our own reasons. We have a man with Parkinson’s Disease, we have young mothers, and old fathers. I went to a talk by one friend. The topic was, “How Running Saved My Life”. Yes, saved her life. You see, we all have these choices. Hers was a choice between a not so productive path, versus one to health and fitness. Our Galloway core curriculum is structured around running Half Marathons (13.1 miles) and Marathons (26.2 miles). From this base some have gone on to running a marathon in all 50 states, some run Trails, some run Ultras (any distance greater than a marathon). Some of us have run in team events (long distance relays). Some have used running as a springboard into triathlon.

Running is also contagious. My wife, both daughters, and son-in-law now all run.

Running is a metaphor for life in many ways. We’ll explore all things running here! Enjoy the journey!


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