“Hello Friend!”

The Currency of TIME; How to make it, How to invest it, and How to spend it. Yes, I’m making an analogy between time and money. Just like money, time is a tool that we can use wisely or foolishly. It can be good… “Her days were full!” or it can be bad… “He was bored.”

In this thread we’ll discuss TIME and how it affects all of us. I have a belief that a true appreciation of TIME can improve our SAFETY as aviators. I also believe that how we consider TIME and our relationship to it, can add (or detract) from our quality of life.

Can you make time? Yes. Live a healthy life, and you have increased your odds of living longer (and better!). Rid yourself of the things that rob you of time, but that don’t add to the quality your life.

Time is intrinsic to aviation. Rates (feet per minute, miles per hour). Forecasts (What will it be like, When, & Where). Fatigue (are you properly rested). Fuel (Range & Duration). The list is endless. We’ll talk about how we can use time to our advantage, and increase the SAFETY of our flying.

There is some truth to the old adage, “You don’t want to run out of altitude, airspeed, and ideas all at the same TIME”!

tick, Tick, TICK!


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